First week back in London on Instagram @chariscity

Finally got to wear my Nastygal jacket from America. Bag from Kooba.

We definitely did not waste any time when we attended a house party that very night 3 of us were finally moved into our cosy house in London. We all had a real good night out in Camden, and I am so glad to be back in this amazing city. Not to mention the weather has been amazing ever since and I wish it would stay like this forever but that's never gonna happen. Fall has got to be my favourite seasons, besides Spring. 
University is definitely gonna be more challenging this year and I'm quite excited about our units this term. A new house, amazing house mates, in the same city.

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Sophie Ruffell said...

Yay! So good being back in London! I love that top photo and the ones of you and Hannah :)



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