Current obsession: Karen Millen

I haven't been able to keep away from Karen Millen this past week. Part of my uni work involves creating a capsule collection for a chosen brand and because of past retail experience here and understanding of the products, I chose KM. So I give myself this valid reason to visit various KM stores for retail research.

The designs this season are wearable and fashion forward. I love that the collection covers casual wear, formal wear and occasion wear. Each piece is of high quality and there are quite a few limited edition pieces this season, at such affordable prices. 

Who knew Karen Millen would embrace the whole tartan trend going on at the moment. As usual, the dresses are very flattering and I could do with more of those dark hues in my wardrobe. Am really in need of some comfy knee high leather boots. Tried some at Selfridges the other day but I still have yet to find the perfect pair. 


Bel said...

Sounds like an awesome assignment! I'd love to just wonder round the shops all day in the name of my degree (That's not to say that it isn't challenging though, I'm sure it is)! Some amazing picks here, that jewel embellished dress is my ideal christmas party dress! Amazing blog too, love your layout! xx


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